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For over 25 years, Hartford Food Not Bombs has shared free public meals every Sunday between 3:30-5pm in Bushnell Park to protest war, poverty and hunger.

Wasted: How America Is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill

food_001.thumb(NRDC) Food is simply too good to waste. Even the most sustainably farmed food does us no good if the food is never eaten. Getting food to our tables eats up 10 percent of the total U.S. energy budget, uses 50 percent of U.S. land, and swallows 80 percent of freshwater consumed in the United States. Yet, 40 percent of food in the United States today goes uneaten. That is more than 20 pounds of food per person every month. Not only does this mean that Americans are throwing out the equivalent of $165 billion each year, but also 25 percent of all freshwater and huge amounts of unnecessary chemicals, energy, and land. Moreover, almost all of that uneaten food ends up rotting in landfills where it accounts for almost 25 percent of U.S. methane emissions. (full story)

Please Continue to Help with the Sandy Relief Effort – Volunteers Needed All Across the Country


(foodnotbombs.net) We can not thank you enough for your support.  It is so amazing to see so many people come together to help with Sandy Relief.  This is a critical time to help as the media moves to cover other events there will be a danger that the ongoing emergency will fade. We saw this after Katrina.  Please consider becoming a long term Food Not Bombs volunteer helping with our groups on Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island and Manhattan. Our volunteers are preparing huge amounts of food but the need is so great we could use more donations and help. There will be many hungry and cold people struggling for many more months so your help is urgently needed.

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FNB Providing Logistical Support In Hurricane Sandy Aftermath

You can help Food Not Bombs provide food and logistical support for the survivors of Sandy.

(foodnotbombs.net) Help us cook at 9:00 AM Wednesday to Friday at:

Park Slope Community Church
251- 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215-3919
Saturday and Sunday November 10th and 11th we will be cooking at the YWCA at 3rd Avenue and Atlantic at 9:00 AM

Long Island
Contact: veganarchafeminist@gmail.com or phone 516-668-2116 Or f
or more information visit www.lifnb.com/

Staten Island Food Not Bombs chapterTompkinsville Park – Bay Street, near Victory Blvd. Please call 646-474-4713 for exact location.


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Really, Really Free Market

(Hartford) On Saturday July 14th, Join us at the Charter Oak Cultural Center from 2-6 During  Indiefest @ the Oak

The Really Really Free Market is like a bizarre bazaar where everything is free. You bring useful items to give away to people who want them or, conversely you take useful items that you want that people are freely giving away…simple really…really simple. No money is exchanged. This will be held in the courtyard of the Charter Oak Cultural Center.

The Really Really Free Market IS NOT a place to bring unwanted items. If you bring an item and no one else wants it, it is still yours. You must take it with you at the end of the day. The idea is to help those in need, not to burden others.

This will be going hand in hand with the Indiefest @ the Oak. There will be acoustical musical performances for your listening enjoyment while you peruse the items. Later in the evening there will be electrical performances in the upstairs gallery. Food will be provided by Hartford Food Not Bombs. http://hartfordfoodnotbombs.org/

To reserve space to display your wares, or for more information contact reallyreallyfreect@gmail.com


Anarchy is Boring

(The Stranger) The first self-described anarchist I ever met was a Greek medical technician sticking electrodes to my scalp. I was around 14 at the time, and I’d had a seizure in my parents’ driveway a few days earlier. The doctors wanted to test me for epilepsy, which involved using electrodes to read my brain’s electrical activity while a strobe light flashed in my face.

Somehow, the technician and I started talking about Henry David Thoreau, and he said he admired Thoreau’s anarchist ethics. I said I didn’t know what that meant. As I recall, he explained it roughly like this: There is an inherent tension between autonomy and authority, and authority structures do not hold legitimate moral power over individuals who haven’t helped to create that structure and consented to live by its rules.

I had trouble wrapping my head around that one.

He asked if I had any vote in choosing my school principal. I hadn’t. Well, he explained cheerfully while sticking electrodes to my head, if you’re living by Thoreau’s anarchist principles, you have no ethical duty to obey him.  (continue)

April 1st National Day of Action to Support FNB!


FEBRUARY 15, 2011

Keith McHenry

Kathy Mitro


Sharing food with the hungry is an unregulated act of kindness.
End all efforts to stop people from feeding the hungry.
Rescind all laws restricting compassion.

– Kathy Mitro who posted a petition on line after being threatened with arrest for sharing food in Daytona Beach. Florida in January 2012

On Sunday April 1st, we are proposing that people all over the world consider sharing free meals in celebration our right to food and participate in our campaign for an end to laws restricting acts of compassion. Celebrate our right to feed the hungry with music, theater, and the sharing of food.

It has been distressing to receive so many reports in the past few weeks of people being threatened with arrest or cities adopting new laws limiting people’s right to share free food with the public.  People in England, California, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Florida contacted Food Not Bombs about having been threatened with arrest. Others report that their local governments are considering laws to limit acts of compassion.

This new wave of threats is happening as half of all Americans are struggling to survive. The Department of Agriculture’s February report shows that 46,286,294 people relied on food stamps in November of 2011. People have been arriving at Food Not Bombs meals claiming they had not eaten in four days because other food programs had exhausted their resources. The Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 1 in 7 people or 925 million people world wide  went hungry in 2010. We are announcing a global campaign to recognize that sharing food with the hungry is an unregulated activity of compassion and should not be interfered with by the authorities. Continue reading


We have had some calls and heard about a conflict on NPR about homeless people eating at the Occupations.There seems to be an attempt by the government to pit the occupations against the already homeless. One reason we are participating in the occupations is to change our world so no one becomes homeless.
In most occupations the homeless have been very welcomed by the protesters and invited to eat as the issue of our people being homeless while the 1 percent can’t even count their homes is pretty central to the reason we are sharing the outside with those already outside. It would be great if we made some effort to remind the occupations that it would be strange to keep the hungry away from the food. -Keith McHenry

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Winter Needs!

Hey folks, it’s just about that time of year. We are  looking for winter coats, hats, gloves, etc…If you have anything to donate, please feel free to stop by any Sunday around 3pm @ Bushnell Park. If you can’t make it down there but would still like to donate, contact us by phone or email.