Really, Really Free Market

(Hartford) On Saturday July 14th, Join us at the Charter Oak Cultural Center from 2-6 During  Indiefest @ the Oak

The Really Really Free Market is like a bizarre bazaar where everything is free. You bring useful items to give away to people who want them or, conversely you take useful items that you want that people are freely giving away…simple really…really simple. No money is exchanged. This will be held in the courtyard of the Charter Oak Cultural Center.

The Really Really Free Market IS NOT a place to bring unwanted items. If you bring an item and no one else wants it, it is still yours. You must take it with you at the end of the day. The idea is to help those in need, not to burden others.

This will be going hand in hand with the Indiefest @ the Oak. There will be acoustical musical performances for your listening enjoyment while you peruse the items. Later in the evening there will be electrical performances in the upstairs gallery. Food will be provided by Hartford Food Not Bombs.

To reserve space to display your wares, or for more information contact