Please Continue to Help with the Sandy Relief Effort – Volunteers Needed All Across the Country


( We can not thank you enough for your support.  It is so amazing to see so many people come together to help with Sandy Relief.  This is a critical time to help as the media moves to cover other events there will be a danger that the ongoing emergency will fade. We saw this after Katrina.  Please consider becoming a long term Food Not Bombs volunteer helping with our groups on Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island and Manhattan. Our volunteers are preparing huge amounts of food but the need is so great we could use more donations and help. There will be many hungry and cold people struggling for many more months so your help is urgently needed.

We will be moving our Brooklyn kitchen to the YWCA at 30 Third Avenue at Atlantic this Saturday and Sunday. Please meet at 9:00 AM. We need volunteers to do many tasks including cooking, driving and providing help with the clean up.

We still need spices, snacks, rice, pasta, spices peanut butter, bread, plasticware, plates, trays and baby items. We could use drivers to help collect and deliver food in every area.

If you do not live in the New York area it is best to organize benefit concerts or other fundraising events to raise money.  The cost of seeking housing and driving food into the city from far away is not very efficient. It is also not easy to house people since there are already over 40,000 additional homeless people as a result of Sandy. Everyone is so touched by your willingness to leave home to help but as you can see that would not be wise at this time.

If you do not live near the area ravaged by Sandy you may want to contact your local Food Not Bombs group to find out how they are organizing in your community. Many times so much aid is diverted to major disasters like Sandy that it has a huge impact on local programs where hundreds of people are already struggling to survive. If you have trouble finding your local Food Not Bombs chapter you can email us at or call 1-800-884-1136. You are also welcome to start a Food Not Bombs chapter in your community. We have materials on line to help you start.